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Born Dec. 1, 1955 in Chicago, Illinois.

Started studying the piano at age 10.

B.A. 1977 from Harvard College.

Studied piano and composition at Manhattan

School of Music 1979-1981.

Worked in IT 1982-2017 to earn a living while composing.

Currently retired from IT.  Still composing.

Compositions include piano sonatas, art songs, chamber music, and orchestral pieces.

RLC at the piano.jpg


As a composer, I call myself a neoromantic.  For me, music is always about expressing powerful, deeply felt emotion.  I believe in melody and harmony and rhythm and counterpoint.  I believe in easily recognizable themes, used to build larger structures.  To be sure, these nineteenth century values were largely repudiated in the twentieth century, whose music often expresses alienation, confusion, and disorientation.  But this music never did catch on with the public, and in the twenty-first century, some composers are returning to the values of the past. In my own music, I strive to communicate directly with the hearts of the listeners.  I strive to write music so moving that even a young child can enjoy it, yet so carefully crafted that a sophisticated listener can hear the piece again and again, hearing more and more each time.

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