Woodwind Quintet


Bb major

Date of Completion:
Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, French Horn, Bassoon
Written in the Classical style, in four movements

This is the second piece I've written in the Classical style, the Piano Trio being the first. I got the idea to write this piece when I went to a woodwind quintet recital a number of years ago. Reading the program notes, I learned that none of the well-known Classical composers wrote for woodwind quintet. The program did contain a short, entirely unremarkable slow movement by a classical composer I had not heard of. "Hell, I could do better than that.", I thought upon hearing it. And so I wrote this four movement Classical piece, complete with a minuet (and trio). I have yet to find a woodwind quintet to perform the piece, but, surprisingly enough, I was able to get a decent performance using Finale on my desktop computer. This is what's available on the website. A few passages sound strange due to tempo changes (ritards, etc.) which Finale tends to exaggerate.

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