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Piano Sonata #8 online!

It is with mixture of pride and relief that I announce the release of my recording of my eighth piano sonata, which I've been working on for almost two years. In addition to the months of effort spent on writing the piece, it took more than a year to learn to play, hence the relief. The recording session went very well, and the resulting recording sounds to my ear very much like what I've been hearing in my head all this time, which is another reason I feel relieved. In fact, I've been in a great mood for the last two days, until it occurred to me that I haven't finished notating the score. Whoops, not done yet. So I'll be working on that for a bit before I put the score up on the website. But the recording is yours to enjoy now. You'll find it listed in the menu under Compositions.

P.S. I fixed a bug on the Compositions page, so now if you click on one of the compositions listed in the table, you'll go to that web page, where you can find the music.

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