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  • Robert Lawrence Cohen

Website almost ready!

I've been working like a maniac getting the website ready for publication. I promised myself I'd have it published by Monday 2/3/20, and it looks like I'll meet this self-imposed deadline. By the end of this process, I'm feeling almost as if I'm back at work (pre-retirement IT work, that is), sitting for hours hunched over my desktop computer, with eight or nine windows open, and that's not even counting the five or six tabs I'm using in my web browser. Of course, there's no commuting to work involved, so at least I've escaped that by retiring. I find it quite remarkable that I've been able to build the entire website in Wix without writing a single line of code. Thank heaven for that, at least!

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John R. Leo
John R. Leo
Feb 06, 2020

Still trying to sing your glories. Some bumps in the website. Fastspeed in debugging

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